Microarray Data Analysis Services
Genotypic Microarray data analysis service provides complete solutions starting from basic analysis to advanced analysis which includes array quality control, statistics, clustering techniques, Functional and pathway based analysis. This approach is the combination of analytical tools and biological content together, so researcher gets a deeper interpretation of biology. We offer analysis service for other commercial microarray platforms like Affymetrix, Illumina, and Nimblegen.

We offer Microarray Data Analysis services for data generated for a multiple applications

  • Gene expression Profiling
  • Comparative Genomic Hybridization (CGH, CGH+SNP)
  • Location Analysis (ChIP-on-chip)
  • Methylation
  • miRNA Profiling
  • Custom SNP profiling
  • Custom Microarray for NGS data Validation

At Genotypic, raw data and images from any Microarray platform on receipt undergoes preliminary QC for hybridizations and analysis using Genotypic’s proprietary tool GenoEx, followed by raw data processing, biological analysis and biological interpretation.

Standard Report deliverables provided by Genotypic
  • Microarray Image files and raw data files.
  • Exclusive Read Me files explaining all the reports and data files
  • Materials, methods and statistical methods used for analysis for publication
  • Data submission in NCBI GEO Databank.
  • QC steps of the entire workflow starting from nucleic acid QC to data normalization
  • Differential gene expression analysis, including pie charts and clusters, reporting of observations for CGH & CNV arrays, enrichment analysis for chip samples, miRNA detected in easily variable spread sheets.
  • Function and Pathway analysis for statistically significant genes.
Please Note: Deliverables for each type of service are subject to change based on project, application, clients’ requirements and type of service chosen. For details on the same please write to us at
Gene Expression Profiling

We offer Genes expression analysis which enables study of thousands of genes. Genotypic Technology data analysis services provides publication quality reports and provide comprehensive microarray services including in-depth analysis of the data to customers helping them to understand the biological significance of differentially regulated genes by classifying genes in to significant functional categories and pathways. For all small scale and large scale projects we provide reproducible and accurate microarray results as per the experimental design.
  • Top Ranked significant genes based on biological significance
  • Clusters, Venn diagrams, pie-charts and significant differentially regulated genes
  • Extensive annotations provided for the genes.
  • Clustering: Identifying Genes and Conditions with Similar Expression Profiles with Similar Behavior
  • List of significant pathways and Gene ontology Analysis reports.
  • Functional classification & Pathway Analysis results based on clients interest
  • Comparative results of various samples.
  • Post Analysis support till publication level.
  • Data submission in NCBI GEO Database.
Comparative Genomic Hybridization (CGH, CGH+SNP) Analysis

We offer Comparative Genomic Hybridization (CGH, CGH+SNP) analysis to identify unbalanced structural and numerical chromosomal alterations associated with developmental abnormalities, cancer/ tumor and diseases and it allows to detect high-resolution evaluation of DNA copy number alterations associated with chromosome abnormalities.
  • Identifying Alteration Detecting copy number changes: Aberration (Amplification/Deletion)
  • Abnormal quantity of appearance of a genomic region in the genome
  • Identifying variations among normal individuals cause defects
  • Highly amplified genes that are highly expressed are strong candidate oncogene
  • SNP Genotype and Copy-neutral loss/ Lack of heterozygosity
  • Graphical representation of statistically significant aberrations (Amplification and Deletion) in chromosomes
DNA Methylation profiling and ChIP-on-chip: Epigenetic Analysis

We offer DNA Methylation analysis for identification of differentially methylated DNA regions; correlate the genes expression with promoter Methylation, mapping of Methylation patterns on different chromosomes and individuals using this high-throughput approach. ChIP-on-chip Microarray analysis service offers identification of DNA binding proteins, repair and histone modifications within the ENCODE regions.
  • Methylated (CpG) enriched regions and enriched genes for the samples.
  • Graphical representation of statistically significant Methylated and enriched regions in chromosomes
miRNA Analysis

We offer miRNA analysis service to for identifying candidate miRNAs with gene targets that correlate with biological pathways to identify the molecular signatures.
  • Top Ranked significant mirRNA's detected
  • Gene targets for the detected miRNA’s.
  • Clusters, Venn diagrams, pie-charts and significant differentially regulated genes
  • Clustering: Identifying Genes and Conditions with Similar Expression Profiles with Similar Behavior
  • List of significant pathways and Gene ontology Analysis reports.
  • Functional classification & Pathway Analysis results based on clients interest
Analysis of Genotypic Custom SNP microarray Profiling and Genotypic Custom microarray designed based on next-generation sequencing (NGS)

We analyze high-throughput custom microarray designed based on next-generation sequencing (NGS) data.
  • Microarray design SNP data
  • Microarray design for Gene expression Data
  • Microarray design for splice variants
  • Microarray design for Metagenomics Gene expression
We offer a range of services for custom SNP microarray design and analysis service based on next-generation sequencing (NGS) data for validation of NGS data.
Several design formats for doing custom SNP arrays (15K or 60K, 44K or 180K, 105K or 400K and 244K or 1Million probes) depending on the biologist’s requirements including the size of the genomic region and number of probes representing a SNP locus, extent of tiling required etc. are available.  

SNP Microarray Case Study for Human, Arabidopsis, Tomato & Watermelon genomes have been performed at Genotypic. Novel SNP assays for few number of samples and large number of SNPs (Unique advantage for Agriculture / Animal breeding / human biology)  

Few thousands to a million SNPs assays for (1 to 100) samples NOW possible.
  • Validate SNPs found by NGS and other platforms
  • Design experiments and run high throughput SNP assays for few (10 to 100 samples) at low cost
  • Flexible and customizable design - at your convenience
  • Send Genomic DNA samples, we will design the assays, run the hybridization and send you the SNP analysis results
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