Seq QC


Seq QC is a simple desktop application for rapid Quality Control and Reporting of NGS Data and processed sequence files. It enables scientists to perform a quick quality control of large volumes of NGS data. It provides automated overview of sequence files with graphical and tabular summary reports including number of sequences, length distribution, low complexity regions, GC content and user specified sequence searches. It also provides statistics for QC passed reads/bases, occurrence of adapters/primers and graphical representation of base position versus quality score and composition. Advanced bioinformatics skills or high performance computers are not required to run SeqQC and we believe the tool would be useful for advanced users as well as new entrants to the NGS era.
  • Quality check and primary analysis of raw sequence data is vital prior to the in-depth analysis.
  • QC and primary analysis of the huge sequencing data using ordinary methods / machines is not feasible

We offer SeqQC, a tool dreamt and developed at Genotypic to overcome this hurdle

  • SeqQC can handle next generation sequence data efficiently and can generate comprehensive
    reports even with very basic standalone PCs / Linux boxes
  • SeqQC is a user friendly command line tool.
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