PubMine was conceptualized and developed at Genotypic for mining a large set of Medline abstracts with genes and keywords of interest. PubMine searches abstracts and generates reports on gene-term relationship with citation evidences in a short time.


For example

  •          Data mining of diseases related to a gene X from large set of abstracts
  •          Data mining of related genes for a disease X from large set of abstracts
  •          Mapping multiple genes to multiple diseases and vice versa.

Write to for demo installation.


Huge list of abstracts downloaded from Pubmed & genes or keywords to search in the abstracts. In addition, you have an option to download the abstracts from Pubmed.

Abstract lines with your genes or keywords from the abstracts.

MedRuner or PubMine ?
Since MedRuner is a web-based application, it may not be able to handle large set of abstracts. PubMine is a standalone tool which can handle even millions of Pubmed abstracts.


  • You can analyze millions of abstracts with PubMine overnight!
  • Now finding diseases related to your genes is a simple task

Genotypic can provide literature curated data for specific keywords of interest especially gene & disease and gene & functions for extra charges. For details, please write to us at

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