Biointerpreter is a simple, user-friendly web-based biological interpretation tool for Microarray data analysis. It significantly reduces the biological analysis time from weeks to hours.

Why Biointerpreter?

Simple, quick and effective solution for interpreting Microarray data and to meet the other challenges in biological interpretation like making sense of many gene lists and to get quick updated and comprehensive annotations.

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Features of Biointerpreter

  • Biological interpretation of complex data made simple
  • Provides 15 different biological views using different parameters like genomic location, pathways, diseases, drug response which makes Biointerpreter a truly comprehensive resource
  • Allows to query using diverse gene identifiers (17 different gene ids like Affymetrix, Agilent, Genbank, Unigene etc)
  • Allows to quickly validate the reliability of the information
  • Allows to switch between organisms at will which is a unique feature of Biointerpreter. For example, for a list of mouse genes, you can view the biological significance of homologous genes in human database
  • Helps to readily identify cancer markers, drug targets etc hidden in list of genes that control key processes
  • Contains comprehensive and verified annotations from sequence and annotation databases.
  • Microarray data tables from over 500 publications
  • Data curated from over 500,000 Pubmed abstracts
  • Topic specific databases used to index genes for disease, function, drug associations and other 150 classes.
Biointerpreter provides properties of a cluster of genes in various dimensions. To know more click here

Biointerpreter is currently available for the following organisms
Human, Arabidopsis, Rice, Yeast Drosophila, Bos Taurus, Mouse, Rat (Query Rat IDs in Human)*, Rat (Query Rat IDs in Mouse)*,M.tuberculosis, E.coli**, B.subtilis**, Zebrafish**
* Search Human and Mouse Biointerpreter output with Rat Affymetrix IDs, Agilent IDs and Gene symbol
* Details upon request only
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