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Rajesh Gokhale appointed Secretary, Department of Biotechnology

The Centre has appointed Rajesh Gokhale, 54, as Secretary, Department of Biotechnology, according to a note from the Appointments Committee of the Cabinet on Tuesday. Mr. Gokhale takes over from Renu Swarup, who is set to retire on 31st of this month.

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Wonder spice turmeric’s expressed DNAs Sequenced by Bangalore based Genotypic Technology

Bangalore, India - 5th April 2013 — Turmeric is a well known spice used by Indians since ages. Apart from adding taste and colour to a dish, it also has many health properties. Long known for its anti-inflammatory properties, recent research has also revealed that turmeric is a natural wonder, proving beneficial in the treatment of many different health conditions from cancer to Alzheimer's disease. In fact in India, Turmeric is also known as the healer’s spice.

Despite turmeric’s growing economic and medicinal importance, a comprehensive transcriptome level investigation is lacking. The ‘transcriptome’ is the set of all RNA molecules produced in one or a population of cells. The transcriptome therefore reflects the genes that are being actively expressed at any given time. Genotypic Technology, a Bangalore based Genomics Company took an initiative in studying and completing the transcriptome assembly of this plant, scientifically known as Curcuma longa, using state-of-the art Next Generation Sequencing technology at its Department of Scientific and Industrial research (DSIR), Government of India recognized R&D unit. This is also of significance as an Indian company has been able to complete this feat when other countries like China and USA have been interested in this important plant as well. In fact, the highlight of this study is that the company has attempted to analyze and annotate C.longa transcriptome from the rhizomes of three popularly cultivated cultivars in South India; Cultivar Nattu (traditional) yields small rhizomes, cultivar Erode (commercial variety) with larger rhizomes and cultivar Mysore (requires higher irrigation and provides higher yeilds). Dr Annadurai, the lead author of the paper opines “understanding the turmeric genome is relevant in the context of the very high importance attributed to anti cancer and anti malarial properties of curcumin and turmeric”

Genotypic’s strength lies in its decade old expertise in genomics. With a dynamic team of molecular biologists and bio-informaticians and a large Genomics facility with Next Gen Sequencing machines like Ion Proton, Ion Torrent, Illumina and SOLiD the team was able to assemble and functionally annotate the transcriptome of all the cultivar varieties of the C.longa. In fact, prior to this work, the company had sequenced the transcriptome of another Indian medicinal plant Costus pictus also known as the “insulin plant” in South India. The work was published in BMC Genomics journal and is one of the highest accessed articles.

In the current study, pathway annotation revealed the presence of many important secondary metabolite pathways which synthesize compounds with diverse medicinal properties. Analysis indicated the presence of compounds with anti-cancer (taxol, matairesinol), anti-oxidant(flavonoids), antimalarial (acridone alkaloids, artemisinin), pesticidal(Benzoxazinoids) and antibiotic (hypericin) properties. Dr Raja C Mugasimangalam, Founder and CEO of Genotypic, believes that this work has provided a major impetus for further research in turmeric’s various beneficial properties. In fact, some of the observations that come out of this research go to show how other hitherto unknown genes found in this plant (related to taxol biosynthetic pathway, vincristine, vinblastine synthesis pathways etc.) can be beneficial for anti-cancer properties in addition to the well known transcript (curcumin) that turmeric is known to possess. Dr Raja says “beyond turmeric we are and also hope to extend our collaborations with government organizations like CSIR, DBT, DST, ICMR and other educational institutions to sequence plant species of Indian origin ”

The de novo transcriptome of this very important phytochemical herb brings out for the first time novel transcripts related to anticancer, antimalarial and anti-oxidant properties. Proper validation of the results at biochemical, cellular and animal model studies will certainly highlight more useful properties of turmeric in traditional and alternative medicine.

Communications Contact:-

Gopalakrishna Ramaswamy Ph.D.,
+91-80-40538227, +91-9900035744

Below is the link to Publication
De Novo Transcriptome Assembly (NGS) of Curcuma longa L. Rhizome Reveals NovelTranscripts Related to Anticancer and Antimalarial Terpenoids

Genotypic and NIPGR launch chickpea gene expression microarray
Bangalore, India, 29th November 2012, Genotypic Technology in association with National Institute of Plant Genome Research (NIPGR), Delhi is pleased to announce the launch of Chickpea DNA microarrays. Chickpea is a very important food legume crop. Globally, India has been the pioneer in chickpea supply and is the largest producer and consumer in the world. However, the genomic resources for this species are very limited. Recently, the complete transcriptome of chickpea has been sequenced using next generation sequencing technologies at the National Institute of Plant Genome Research under the “Next Generation Challenge Program on Chickpea Genomics” funded by the Department of Biotechnology, Government of India. This research work has already been published in peer reviewed journals by NIPGR team with Dr. Mukesh Jain as lead researcher, DNA Res (2011) 18, 53-63; Plant Physiol (2011)156, 1661-1678. Dr Jain is one of the leading researchers in the field of functional and applied genomics in various crop plants of economic importance.

The availability of transcriptome sequence in public domain has provided the opportunity to develop a “high-throughput resource” for studying the expression of all the chickpea transcripts in different biological contexts. Under a MoU, Genotypic Technology in association with NIPGR designed and tested around half a million probes derived from the chickpea transcriptome sequence. The final array design was validated experimentally with different chickpea tissues.

Genotypic Technology is a pioneer in the field of Genomics and Bioinformatics in India employing cutting edge technology and tools in genomics research. The newly developed microarray slide consists of 8 arrays with about 60,000 annotated probes. These probes could be used further to develop functional molecular markers and in gene copy number studies.

Commenting on this occasion Dr Raja C Mugasimangalam, CEO, Genotypic Technology said “We are very happy to collaborate with NIPGR, the leading Plant Genomics Institute in India for developing the Chickpea microarray. We hope this microarray aids in gene expression studies and genome comparisons and help researchers worldwide in basic and applied research and developing markers for chickpea breeding” Dr Mukesh Jain also reverberated the same sentiment saying “The development of a microarray platform for chickpea represents a milestone, which is expected to accelerate functional and applied genomicsresearch in chickpea worldwide”.

Early access promotions and technical support are on offer for researchers who want to make use of this new array for studying chickpea. For details please contact Genotypic Technology at Telephone number +918040538300 OR +918040538200

The National Institute of Plant Genome Research (, established in 1998, is an autonomous institution funded by the Department of Biotechnology, Government of India. NIPGR is a premier genomics research institute and has already placed India among the major contributors to plant genomics. The ongoing research in NIPGR will allow it to emerge as one of the institution of national and international importance for material, new knowledge and technologies in the areas of functional, structural, evolutionary and applied genomics of plants,including crop plants.

About Genotypic Technology
Genotypic Technology (, established in 1998, is the first Genomics Company in India specializing developing customized genomics and bioinformatics solutions for a wide-range of applications.Genotypic is India’s first Agilent and Ion Torrent Certified Service provider (CSP) providing unmatched genomics solutions to academia and Biotechnology and Pharma Industry worldwide. Genotypic is committed to applying genomics tools in Agribiotech and Human Healthcare. Genotypic Technology puts a lot of emphasis on quality and is an ISO 9001:2008 certified Company.

Dr Debojyoti Dhar, Genotypic Technology
Dr Mukesh Jain, NIPGR
Genotypic Technology Becomes First Certified Service Provider for Ion Torrent's PGM in India
Bangalore, India, 26th December 2011 - Under Ion Torrent's new service provider program, CSP certification means that the organization has been trained and tested by Ion Torrent to produce high quality sequence data. 
Dr. Nandita Mullapudi, Associate Principal Scientist - NGS Lab, said " For all of requirements needed for certification, we exceeded the specified minimum parameters for both quality and quantity. We are proud to be the first Ion Torrent CSP in India and look forward to using the Ion Torrent to complement exisitng technologies that Genotypic has, specifically focusing on applications that require longer reads, very quick turnaround times and amplicon sequencing". 
Genotypic Technology is the top Genomic services provider in India and constantly strives to enhance its technology platforms and capacity and enabling Researchers from Academia and Industry to maximize the use of these Technologies in their Life Sciences Research-both Basic and Applied. Work done at Genotypic is acknowledged and cited in over 200 publications.Their 11000 sq feet Genomics facility comprising of Microarray, Next gen sequencing andbioinformatics facilities are in located in Bangalore, India. 
Genotypic is ISO 9001:2008 Accredited Company and its business processes run on a cloud based ERP by SAP, Business By Design. Genotypic is also an AGILENT Certified Microarray Service Provider, the first in India. Set up in 1998, it commenced business operations in 2000. It has over 500 clients in India and as many worldwide.
Genotypic Technology awarded SAP ACE Awards 2010 for Customer Excellence
Bangalore, India, 10th November 2010 - Genotypic Technology today announced that it has been awarded the SAP ACE (Awards for Customer Excellence) 2010 and adjudged as a “Best Run Business for on-demand implementation”. The SAP ACE award honours organizations for business value creation through innovative use of IT, in every major industry vertical. This award for the best on-demand implementation was instituted by SAP for the first time this year. Genotypic gets the honour of being the very first organization in the field of genomics in India to get the ACE award, and the first ever in this category. Recognizing the best of best-run businesses in the Indian subcontinent, the SAP-ACE awards are one of the most coveted customer-focused Information Technology awards.

Seen in this picture- Mr. Alok Goyal, Chief Operating Officer, SAP India; and Dr. Sudha Rao, Vice President, Genotypic Technology Pvt. Ltd.

The award was received by Dr. Sudha Rao, Vice President, Genotypic Technology, in a glittering ceremony held at Mumbai on Oct 21, 2010. After receiving the award, Dr. Rao, said, “Genotypic has had a rapid growth of nearly 200% yoy in the last 2 years. The implementation of SAP has brought more transparency to the organization and made the processes more efficient. This has a direct impact on the businesses being more aligned to a common vision and growth path”

In 2006, SAP introduced an annual award series that would recognize Indian businesses demonstrating innovative use of technology for outstanding business transformation. SAP ACE has become an annual barometer of business competitiveness. Over the last few years, SAP ACE has already become one of the sought after and well recognized business transformation-focused awards in India.

The nominations highlight rich participation from companies of all sizes – with revenues ranging from less than Rs. 20 cr to the largest companies in the Indian Sub continent across diverse businesses like garments, retail,telecom, construction, consumer goods, chemicals, pharmaceuticals, steel & oil producers, energy, utilities, IT/ITES, etc.

Commenting on the win, Dr. Raja Mugasimangalam, CEO Genotypic Technology, said,” We are very happy to be recognized as a “Best run business” and especially so in the category of on-demand implementation.Cloud computing is seen as a fundamental change that is helping companies like ours to bring competitive advantage, to set even higher standards of excellence in achieving our goal of simplifying Genomics and collaborating with the industry and academia to explore new avenues in biological research.”

About Genotypic:

Genotypic is a genomics company providing comprehensive and customized services and solutions. Founded in 1998, Genotypic has been instrumental in introducing microarray technology and Next Gen Sequencing (NGS) in India. Genotypic has evolved from strength to strength in terms of expertise, knowledge, experience and has qualified teams for NGS lab, NGS analysis, Microarray lab and analysis, BioIT, molecular biology and qPCR lab with PhDs in every team. Genotypic is the only Agilent certified microarray service provider in India and the only commercial genomics company equipped with the Illumina NGS GaIIx sequencer. Genotypic is well equipped to handle large genomics projects from project planning and sample preparation to processing and in-depth analysis.

Genotypic aims to simplify the cutting edge genomics technologies and apply them in real life applications to provide cost effective genomic solutions for its global clientele in the field of Academic research, Pharma, Agribiotech, Animal Husbandry, Human Genetics, Molecular Diagnostics, Vaccine Research, Microbial biology and Personalized Medicine. Genotypic specializes in Microarrays (Agilent platform) and Next Gen Sequencing (NGS), Target DNA Capture and Resequencing, and Enrichment (Agilent “SureSelect”) and NGS Data Analysis.Genotypic has collaborations with leading Genomic technology companies to conduct hands-on training workshops in Lab and microarray and sequence informatics.

Genotypic’s clientele includes major academic Institutes and top pharmaceutical and biotech companies around the world. Genotypic is ISO 9001:2008 certified and is SAP ByD-enabled.

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