SARS-CoV-2 Covid19 Diagnostic Products

Rapid Diagnostic Kit for COVID-19

To enable faster and quality diagnosis of COVID-19, we have introduced Rapid Antigen/Antibody kits (RAT) that can detect SARS CoV-2 in less than 20 minutes. The kits are produced in ISO certified world class manufacturing facility by Premier Medical Corporation in Gujarat, India. At the time of rapid spread, Rapid Antigen kit fast-tracks the testing by reducing the waiting time thereby keeping the spread minimal also enabling immediate isolation.

Rapid Antigen Kits are being used in Genotypic and associate companies DhitiOmics & QtlOmics for screening to secure the workplace thereby reducing the spread of infection. This helps in mitigating the risk in organizations where remote working isn’t possible. The kit is also being used by corporates, hospitals & government institutes, start-up companies, events and many other places across India for screening.

Rapid antibody test can be used to check if a person has antibodies for SARS CoV-2 typically after vaccination or after recovering from COVID-19 disease.

Advantages of Antigen Kit:
Advantages of Antibody Kit:
  1. Regular and periodical screening of workforce in organizations
  2. Rapid screening in public places like airport, railway station etc.,
  3. Screening in educational institutions and events
  1. Let know if a person has developed antibodies against COVID-19 eg., after vaccine or after recovering form COVID-19 infection
Download Rapid Antigen Test flyer Download Rapid Antibody Test flyer

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*The diagnostic products are CE marked, ICMR approved and have been listed by WHO under Emergency use Listing (EUL) category (Antigen Cards). These diagnostic products have been benchmarked by Genotypic and other government & private labs for performance and have shown higher specificity and sensitivity compared to other diagnostic products available in the market.

# Other rapid diagnostics tests: First Response Malaria Ag HRP2 Card Test, First Response Malaria Ag Combo (Pf+PAN) Card Test, First Response HIV 1-2.O Card Test , First Response Syphilis Anti- TP Card Test , First Response HBsAg Card Test, First Response HCV Card Test, First Response HIV+Syphilis Combo Card Test

RT-PCR testing solutions for COVID-19

To enable quality testing, Genotypic has bench-marked reagents for isolation & detection of SARS CoV-2

qRT-PCR Reagents:

COVIDx Assure

Multiplex Detection & Identification of N gene, and E gene along with RNase P (Internal Control).

Download COVIDx Assure flyer

COVIDx mPlex- 4R

Multiplex Detection & Identification of N gene, E gene and RdRP gene along with RNase P (Internal Control).

Download COVIDx mPlex flyer

RNA Isolation Kit:

NucleoDx RT

Designed to purify viral RNA from variety of sample sources including cell-free body fluids, plasma, serum, urine, viral stock solutions, infected tissues, VTM & MTM.

Download NucleoDx RT flyer

Viral Transport Medium (VTM) with 2 swabs [Nasopharyngeal & Oropharyngeal] can be procured separately as well.

Alternatively, if you want to get yourself tested for COVID-19 by RT-PCR/RAT, contact Dhiti Omics

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