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Commander – Bioinformatics without commandline scripting
For Short reads (BGIseq, illumina and Ion sequencers)
For Long read ( Nanopore and Pacbio and 10X)

Commander (v 1.1) is a novel GUI based analysis aid from Genotypic that can bypass command-line scripting.

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Other products: Mini genomics lab, Mini molecular lab and Nanopore products
License: A license from Genotypic Technology is required to use Commander. It can run only in the system in which it is installed. The license includes GT tools which are made by Genotypic and are installed well within commander as a package
License to 3rd party tools: The 3rd party base calling tools, trimmers and other like NCBI blast – the user should have valid licenses to use them. Commander writes the command for running the tools and does NOT provide a license to use them. Commander is a replacement for commandline scripting prompt and not replacement for any NGS software.
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